Transfer market: Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool

Transfer market: Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City, and Everton are the clubs who have the most expensive transfers in the summer.
The transfer window is an excellent time to buy a new player, as the market is flooded with high-quality players. The transfer market is an extremely competitive one, and the number of high-profile transfers is increasing.

The main transfer targets of the Premier League clubs are:
1. “Lampard”. The legendary footballer is one of the main transfer goals of the clubs. The team’s transfer policy is to buy an experienced player who can help the team to win the title.
2. ”Sarri”, the Italian coach. The Italian coach has a great chance of winning the title, as he has a good squad.
3. The “Arsenal” players.
4. Liverpool.
5. Manchester City.
6. Everton.
7. Tottenham.
8. Chelsea.
9. Dortmund.
10. Valencia.
11. Valencia and Valencia and Madrid.
12. “Manchester United” and “Tottenham” are the main competitors of the team.
However, the main target of the teams is the “Chelsea” transfer policy. The club has already bought a number of players, including the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who is expected to become a main star of the club.
In addition, the club is also in the process of signing a number other players, such as:
· Lukaku;
· “Fulham”;
• “Leicester” (to become a star player of the English Premier League);
· the ‘Borussia Dortmund’ player;
“Tranmere” player; and ‘Wolverhampton’.
Also, the team is interested in signing a striker, as well as a goalkeeper.
All the transfers are being monitored by the experts, who are able to provide the latest information on the market.
Football Results of the Season
The football season is in full swing, and this means that the fans have to watch the games with the attention they deserve.
This year, the Premier league is very interesting, as it is possible to watch a lot of matches. The main transfer news of the season are: the transfer of the ”Chelsea’ goalkeeper Thibault Courtoid, the signing of “Wolves” defender Marc Albrighton, and ”Leicester City’ signing of the young midfielder Jantlik.
This summer, the Blues have been trying to sign a goalkeeper, but they failed to do it. The problem is that the club has a number players who are not good enough for the position. The goalkeeper Thibaud Courtoïd is one such player. The player is an experienced goalkeeper who can be used in the position of a number 9.
After the failure of the goalkeeper, the Chelsea management decided to buy another goalkeeper, as they thought that the goalkeeper would be an excellent solution for the club’ position. However, the player is not the best goalkeeper, and his price is too high.
”Chelsea has already signed a number goalkeeper, who cost the club a lot, but the cost of the player was very high. The cost of a goalkeeper is about 10 million euros. The price of the new goalkeeper is not very high, but it is still a lot.”
The club is trying to buy the goalkeeper in the next season, but this time they will fail. The new goalkeeper will cost the team a lot more, as there are not many options for the cost.
Manchester United
Manchester City is also trying to get a goalkeeper in this transfer window. However the club failed to get the goalkeeper they wanted. The reason for this failure is that they have a number player who is not good for the goalkeeper position.
For this reason, the goalkeeper of the Citizens is Marc AlBrighton. The young goalkeeper is a good goalkeeper, he can be a good option for the team, but he is not a good choice for the price.
Liverpool is another club that failed to find a good solution for this transfer. The failure of this club is due to the fact that they did not have a good selection of players for the transfer.
One of the reasons for this is the goalkeeper. The Liverpool goalkeeper is Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who costs the club 10 million. The previous goalkeeper was the ’Chelsea“ goalkeeper Thibau, who was bought for 10 million, but was not a successful choice for this price. The last goalkeeper of Liverpool was the goalkeeper David De Gea, who also cost the Reds 10 million and was not successful.
Another reason for the failure is the fact the club did not sign a good number of new players. For this reason the club will fail in the transfer market. The ”Liverpool” goalkeeper is an option for this club, but his price will be too high for the company.
Arsenal is another team that failed in the football transfer. This failure is due the fact they did a poor selection of football players for this season.

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