Transfer market: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona

Transfer market: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Liverpool

The transfer market is the most important in the world, and the main event is the transfer of players. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus to Real Madrid has already been announced, and now the transfer market has been opened for a long time. The main transfer of the season is the one of the players of Manchester United.
The club has already made a number of transfers, and among the most significant are:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;
• Martial;
· Pogba.
This season, the team has already managed to get a number 1 in the Premier League, and it is now the main club in the English championship.
Manchester United has a number 2 in the transfer list, and this is the player of the club, who is the main transfer target of the team. The player of Manchester City, Anthony Martial, is also a potential target for the team, but he has already left the club.
It is interesting to note that the club has a good chance to get the player, because the player has already agreed to join the team in the summer. The club will have to pay a high price for the signing of Martial, but it is worth it, because it will give the team a new attacking player.
In the summer, the club will not have a single striker, but the main goal of the management is to get Martial. The Portuguese player is a very good player, and he can be a replacement for Rashford. The team will have a lot of chances to get him, because Manchester United is a team of young players.

The main transfer that will affect the team’s results is the acquisition of a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the current season, Jonny Evans, is a good goalkeeper, and his performance was good. The Manchester United will need to pay for the goalkeeper, because this season the team will play with the number 1 goalkeeper, Evans, and there will be no other goalkeeper in the team who can replace him.
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Main transfers of the summer of the Premier league
The most significant transfer of this season is Manchester United’ transfer of Lukaku. The young player of Lukanu has already signed a contract with the team and has already started to play for the club in a friendly match.
Lukaku is a player who is very good in the air, and for the current Manchester United he has a chance to become a number one. The number 1 is the position of the goalkeeper in a football team, and Lukaku has already proved that he can do it.
Also, the player is able to score goals, and many people have already noticed this. The most important thing is that Lukaku is able not to get tired, and in such a situation he can score a lot.
Another transfer of interest is the signing by the club of Rashford, who will replace the injured Phil Jones. The new signing of the United will be a young player, who has already shown that he is able score goals.
Juventus is another club that has a large number of transfer targets. The first transfer of Juventus is the sign of the signing a goalkeeper, who was the number 2 for the previous season. The signing of a new goalkeeper will be very important for the Juventus, because in the current campaign the team is not very successful.
However, the signing will be an excellent opportunity for the young goalkeeper to prove his skills. The Juventus will have an excellent goalkeeper, but they will have problems to get one.
All the latest news from the transfer season
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Among the most interesting transfers of this summer of Manchester, we can highlight:
1. Signing of Lukas Podolski from Chelsea. The Chelsea player has a contract until the summer 2020, and if he can prove himself in the first season, then the club can make a big transfer.
2. Sign of Nicolas Pepe from Sporting. Pepe is a young defender who is able show himself in a number 3 position.
3. Transfer of Andre Gomes from Porto. The Porto player is the second signing of this transfer season, and is a midfielder.
4. New signing of Manchester united is the goalkeeper Jonny.
5. The signing by Juventus of a young attacker, who can become a replacement of Pogba, is very interesting.
6. Manchester United are also a team that can make transfers. The players of the Red Devils are young, and they have a good opportunity to show themselves in the international arena.
7. Liverpool is another team that has good chances to make transfers, because they are a team with a young and talented squad.
8. Barcelona is another interesting club that can become the main team of the Spanish championship. The Catalans are very close to the Champions League, but in the future they will try to get into the Europa League.

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