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Real Madrid are considering to sell Morata. – Rumour from Spain

The transfer market is becoming more and more crowded, and the latest news from the world of the Spanish capital is quite unexpected.
The club has already started to make transfers, and it is now obvious that they are trying to solve the problem of Morata, who has become a key player of the team.
This summer, the player has not been able to find his form, and this has caused the club to consider selling him.
However, the situation is not so simple, because the player wants to stay at the club, and he is not going to leave for a million dollars.
It is worth noting that the player is already a free agent, and if he wants to leave, then the club will have to pay a high price.

The Madrid team is not in the best shape, and Morata is a key part of the solution.
If the player leaves, then it will be quite difficult to find a replacement, because Morata has already become a legend of the club.
He is a player who is loved by the fans, and they will not miss him. It is worth mentioning that the club has also started to consider the sale of Bale, who is not the best option for them.
They have already started the search for a new goalkeeper, and many clubs have already expressed interest in the player.
But the club is not interested in such a move, because they want to keep Morata and not to sell him.
This is why the player will not leave Madrid, and we will see how the situation develops.
All the latest information from the Spanish championship on
The season of the Champions League has already ended, and now it is time to look at the results of the rest of the tournaments.
In the summer, Madrid won the Spanish Cup for the third time in a row, and in the last two finals they lost.
Despite this, the team managed to win the Europa League, and although it is not clear yet how the team will play in the Champions league, it is quite possible that the team can be the favorite of the tournament.
At the moment, the club does not have a good selection of players for the Champions, and that is why they are not so successful.
Many teams have already left the tournament, and Madrid is one of the main favorites of the next season.
Moreover, the players are ready to fight for the title, because there is no one better than them in the current season. The club has a good squad, and even if the team is losing points, it still has a chance to win gold medals.
Now, the fans can follow the results on fscores.
Livescore football results of all the tournaments
The football season in Spain has already come to an end, and all the livescore football scores of the championship are available on the website of sports statistics.
After the end of the season, the results were not so good for the team, and a lot of players left the team and joined other clubs.
That is why it is very important to follow the livescores of the football championship, because it is possible to find out the information about the team’s performance.
Of course, the main goal of the players is to win a place in the Europa league zone, but there are also other competitions where the team has a real chance to get into the top-3.
For example, in the Spanish League Cup, which is the main tournament of the country.
There, the Madrid team has already won the cup for the second time in the row, but it is still not clear how the club can get into top-4.
Also, the Champions is not a guarantee, because this tournament is not very popular in Spain.
Thus, the livescan of the matches of the national championship is very useful, because now it will allow you to follow not only the results, but also the information on the team’s performance.

In addition, the website provides information about other tournaments, as well as the results from the Champions Cup and the Europa tournament. It is easy to use the platform, and you do not need to have a special Internet browser.
You can find the results and livescoring of the EPL, La Liga, Copa del Rey, Copas de Ibiza, Copins de Europa, Copinot, Copenhague, Copihue, Copiague, and other tournaments on the sports statistics website.
Latest news on the Spanish football championship
The Spanish championship has already finished, and at the end we can see the results.
As for the first rounds, the first matches of La Liga showed that the main team of the league, Barcelona, is not that good.
Although the Catalans are not the only team that is not doing well, but they are the only ones that are not in a good shape.
Next to them, Real Madrid is also not doing too well, and there is a real risk that the Royal Club will not be able to defend its title.
Then, Valencia is also in a bad shape, because despite the fact that the players have won the Champions this year, they are still not in top form.
And finally, Sevilla is also doing not too well.

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