Chelsea are interested in signing young goalkeeper from Real Madrid. – Rumour from Italy

The transfer of a goalkeeper is always a good opportunity for the club to strengthen its position in the standings. The problem is that the club has not managed to do it in the past few years.

The club is interested in the signing of young goalkeeper of Real Madrid, who is considered as one of the best in the world. The player is a promising goalkeeper who has already managed to impress the fans with his performance.
The player is ready to prove himself in the international arena. He has already played for the national team and is ready for the main competition of the European championships.
It is worth noting that the player has already shown himself in La Liga. He managed to score a goal in the first round and then managed to make a save in the second round.
However, the player is still not ready to play in the Champions League. The club is ready enough to give him a chance in the domestic arena, but the player needs to prove his worth in the European arena.
Real Madrid is one of those clubs that are always ready to make transfers. The team has already signed a number of players who are ready to contribute to the team’s success.
Who Will Be the Next Messi or Ronaldo?
The team is interested not only in young players, but also in experienced ones. The signing of a new goalkeeper is another good opportunity to strengthen the position in La liga.
Messi and Ronaldo are the main representatives of the club in the field of football. The players have managed to become the best players in the Old Continent. However, they are not the only representatives of Real.
Among the other players who have managed not to become a big star, there are:
* David Silva;
* Marcelo;
* Isco;
* Sergio Ramos.
In the case of the first two players, the club did not sign them for free. The cost of signing the player was paid by the club. The same applies to the other two players.
This is not the first time that the team is trying to sign a goalkeeper. The previous season, the team managed to sign the goalkeeper from the Spanish second division, but he did not become a star.
Will the club manage to sign another goalkeeper this time?

It will be very difficult to sign such a goalkeeper, because the club is already a good team and the player will have to prove to the fans that he is not just a number 9.
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What to Expect from the Next Champions League Finalist?
At the moment, the most likely candidate for the next Champions League finalist is Liverpool. The Merseysiders are one of a number teams that have already managed not only to qualify for the Champions league, but to do so in the most difficult way.
Of course, the previous season was not a failure, but it was a failure that was caused by the fact that the Merseysides were not able to win the Champions cup.
Liverpool managed to win it, but this was not enough for them to win. The next season, they managed to finish in the top 4, but they failed to win any trophy.
That is why the club became a candidate for winning the next champion’s cup. However the club will have a difficult time, because it is not only the Mersey team that is interested.
Many teams are also interested in Liverpool. Among them are: Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid among others.
Barcelona is one the main contenders for the final triumph. The Catalans have already won the Champions Cup, but now they are ready for a new challenge.
They have already signed the most promising players, who will help them to achieve their goals.
New Champions League Qualifiers
The new season of the Champions tournament will begin in the summer. This time, the competition will be especially intense. The new qualifiers will allow the clubs to demonstrate their maximum.
One of the main goals of the clubs is to qualify to the next stage of the tournament. The clubs that finish in first place in the current season will qualify for a higher position.
If the club manages to qualify, it will be able to play for the right to participate in the next season of this competition.
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Live Results of Matches
The Champions league is a real test of the skills of the teams. The final matches of this tournament are always a real treat for fans.

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